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517 Jacob's Boarding Ladders 30 Ft. Ladder
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517 Jacob's Boarding Ladders 30 Ft. Ladder


Medium weight but super strong Jacob's style boarding ladder. Ladders are bi-directional, the operator has full strength connection and ladder rung strength from either end of the ladder. Designed for ship boarding, they can also be used for helicopter and roof access situations. It also works great for many rescue applications including confined space egress and low and high angle rescue. The ladder can be used along with boarding poles and grappling and climbing hooks. Ladders can be linked together to increase length. Rigid steps are constructed from a hollow rectangular aluminum extrusion enclosed in 1 3/4" Type 7 (6,000 lbf ) webbing. Mil-Spec D rings at both ends. Steps are 12 inches wide and 12 inches apart. Ladders meet Berry Amendment compliance, they are 100% made in the USA. Weight for 30 ft. ladder 14.6 lbs.

• Length 20, 30, 50 ft. lengths (Custom lengths available)
• Ladder overall strength (D-ring to D-ring) 5000 lbf (22kN). Aluminum stiffener in steps deforms at 1000 lbf. (4 kN). Individual step strength 3,600 lbf (16kN).


Color Black
Origin Made in the USA
Strength 5000 Lbf