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1820 Black SPIE Rope - 120 foot
1820 Black SPIE Rope - 120 foot
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1820 Black SPIE Rope - 120 foot


All Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) ropes are made in accordance with drawings 829 AS 201-1, and come with 10 D-ring attachment points. We offer two variations of the SPIES rope. Standard rope is natural color rope, 120 feet long and is coated with a clear abrasion resistance coating. Also available in 150 feet version with a black abrasion resistance coating. The ropes come with ten D rings per line for attachment of personnel. The D rings are proof tested at 2500 lbf. The entire SPIE rope is proof tested at 10,000 lbf. Strength of rope with braided eye splice 29,000 lbf.

1820 Spie Rope, black: NSN# 4020016174352


Strength 29,000 lbf. (129kN)