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537 20 ft. Ultralite Urban Assault Ladder
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537 20 ft. Ultralite Urban Assault Ladder


An ultralight version of the Urban Assault Ladder, designed for combat situations. Used for entrance or exit from urban buildings.

Ladders can be linked together to increase length.

The ladder can be used along with drag/grappling hooks or extension poles to gain access.
Side portions of the ladder are constructed of extremely lightweight Kevlar webbing to eliminate stretch while climbing.
Steps are reinforced with stiffeners. The built-in spreader bar ensures that steps remain open without causing foot pinching.
Packaged in a pouch that is equipped with a MOLLE system for attachment to a tactical vest.
Length 20 feet with 21 steps. Weight 22 oz. Storage pouch colors: Digital foliage green or terra/coyote.

• Strength 3500 lbf.
• Image is shown short for clarity


Color Black and Terra
Length 20 feet
Origin Made in the USA
Weight 22 oz