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563 QR Personal Retention Lanyard
563 QR Personal Retention Lanyard
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563 QR Personal Retention Lanyard


Designed using the first all-black, nonreflective, oxide plated quick-release shackle (4840 lbf mbs) made of stainless steel by Ronstan. Swedged release pin (New SOCOM requirement) eliminates plunger pin from releasing in the event the retaining ring is broken. Retaining the split ring is safety TIG welded. Heavy-duty plunger springs and precision components ensure dependable service. "New" Quick release shackle uses velcro to secure the release tab in place to lessen the chance of inadvertent release. Built with NEW Custom made 5000lb. mil-spec 5625 tubular webbing weave pattern but wider( 1 1/8" width). New webbing has better cut resistance than standard 1" mil-spec 5625 tubular webbing. Lanyard rated strength 4275 lbf. (19kN). Made in the USA.

• Available black and terra
• Length retracted 21 inches
• Length fully extended 32 inches
• Length extended with carabiner 36 inches
• Grade 15-5PH investment cast stainless steel body and hasp
• Grade 316 stainless steel plunger pin and spring

563T Lanyard, Terra: NSN# 4240016258219

Note: Quick release portion of lanyard can be made to not quick release by attaching a three stage auto locking carabiner to the base portion of the quick release and shown in the photo below.


Available Colors Black, Terra
Length Extended 32 Inches
Length Retracted 21 Inches
Origin Made in the USA