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529CLT 20 ft. CarbonLite Rescue/Assault Ladder
529CLT 20 ft. CarbonLite Rescue/Assault Ladder
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529CLT 20 ft. CarbonLite Rescue/Assault Ladder


Offers the opportunity to scale urban buildings from the outside using standard aid techniques. It also works great for many rescue applications including confined space egress and low and high angle rescue, wind tower rescue situations. The ladder can be used along with grappling/climbing hooks. Ladders can be linked together to increase length. Made of 1 inch heavy duty low stretch polyester webbing which significantly reduces the cost over less bulky technora webbing used on many of our Urban Assault Ladders. New Rigid steps are constructed using 3/8 inch solid “Carbon Fiber” rods which are inserted into a specially woven, multi-layered rope sheath designed by BlueWater Ropes to provide a slip-resistant, textured surface. Much easier to climb than standard soft step Urban Assault Ladders.

• Length 20 feet with 21 steps
• Strength 3600 lbf (16kN).


Color Black
Length 20 Feet
Origin Made in the USA
Strength 3600 lbf