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434 Sierra Safety Litter Pre-rig
434 Sierra Safety Litter Pre-rig
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434 Sierra Safety Litter Pre-rig


Designed by Sierra Safety, this new litter pre-rig is really deluxe.

A fully adjustable Y spider suspension system drastically reduces congestion at the upper attachment point. Configured with 2 to 1 mechanical advantage rescuer attachment strap for easy adjustability. Adjustable to a minimum height of 18 inches above the litter for the tightest helicopter evacuations. The spider adjusts to a maximum length of 5 feet utilizing quick adjustable mil-spec hardware. Unique single attachment of both victim and rescuer adjustable straps reduces further congestion in the collection ring.

• Steel O ring strength is 10,000 lbf.
• Overall strength 5000 lbf.


Origin Made in the USA
Strength 5,000 lbf. (22kN)