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330A NFPA Full Body Harness - Padded
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330A NFPA Full Body Harness - Padded


Designed for the fire department, rescue, military, industrial and commercial applications where a rear fall arrest D attachment point is not required. The seat portion is easily donned and adjusted by use of camlock buckles. Chest portion includes front D ring for the high point of attachment for the belay line. Two models available, basic and padded.
• 330 one size, fully adjustable, 3 lb. 11 oz.
• 330A sizes S, M, L, XL, 4 lb 7 oz.
• Large D ring for multiple connections
• Slot webbing construction
• Chest and seat separate to create a Class II seat harness
• Waist pads on 330A can be removed
• 3-inch leg pads on 330A can be removed
• Optional pads can be added to 330 after purchase
• One gear rack
• Available in orange
UL classified to meet NFPA 2500-2022 edition standards



Available Colors Black, Orange
Origin Made in the USA