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8020 Rescuer Personal Equipment Kit (w/Voyager Harness)
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8020 Rescuer Personal Equipment Kit (w/Voyager Harness)


Includes necessary equipment required for individual rescue personnel. Kit includes a helmet with headlamp, hand protection, safety harness, and personal rappel and belay equipment.

1 Voyager or Voyager Riggers Harness (Optional w/ Tech Rescue II Harness, Kit Number: 8021)
1 KASK Super Plasma Helmet
1 Tikka XP Headlamp
1 Pair Ringers Rope Gloves
1 Aluminum Rescue Figure 8
1 Yates TriLock® ANSI Oval Carabiner(1397) NFPA T
2 Yates TriLock® ANSI Carabiner)(1137) NFPA T

2 Steel NFPA Autolock Carabiners(1773) NFPA G
1 15 ft. Type 18 Webbing
1 Heavy Duty Daisy Chain
1 Set Tandem Dynamic Prusiks
1 Bolt and Tool Bag
1 Yates/Evac Personal Gear Bag