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1837 Yates TriLock® Carabiner
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1837 Yates TriLock® Carabiner


Super lightweight aluminum forged carabiner for tactical, rescue, rigging, and rope access applications. Unique three-stage autolocking gate mechanism. A unique patented three-stage autolocking gate mechanism allows for 6750 lbf. (30kN) closed gate strength. Keylock style gate. Gate open strength 2025 lbf. (9kN).Meets ANSI Z133.1-2000 and ANSI Z359.1-1992. Weight 74 grams. Made By DMM Wales.

Standard Non-ANSI Gates available in black, Part Number 1837 (Price $26.95)


Available Colors Black, Red, Blue
Carabiner Strength 6300 lbf. (28kN)
Gate Opening 0.8 Inch