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1830 Black SPIE Rope - 150 foot
1830 Black SPIE Rope - 150 foot
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1830 Black SPIE Rope - 150 foot


All Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) ropes are made in accordance with drawings 829 AS 201-1, and come with 10 D-ring attachment points. We offer two variations of the SPIES rope. Available in longer 150 feet version coated with a black abrasion resistance coating. The ropes come with ten D rings per line for attachment of personnel. The D rings are proof tested at 2500 lbf. The entire SPIE rope is proof tested at 10,000 lbf. Strength of rope with braided eye splice 29,000 lbf.

1830 SPIE Rope 150 ft., black: NSN#


Strength 29,000 lbf. (129kN)