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Rope Grabs

7016 Petzl Croll-L 7016 Petzl Croll-L
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Brand: PETZL Model: 7016 Petzl Croll-L
Attaches to front of harness in the chest area to help the user maintain an upright position and serve as a progress capture. Yates Rope Access harness and RTR Tower Harness have attachment points already equipped to utilize the Croll’s excellent features. Size Large Croll. Fits 8-13mm rope. Weigh..
7050 Petzl Rescucender 7050 Petzl Rescucender
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Brand: PETZL Model: 7050 Petzl Rescucender
DescriptionDesigned for use in haul systems as a tractor or progress capture deviceSimple to use, and ergonomic:- openable cam allows installation or removal of the rope clamp at any point on the rope- independent safety catches on each side of the device allow easy opening while reducing the ri..
RP203A ISC Rope grab RP203A ISC Rope grab
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Brand: Yates Gear Model: RP203A ISC Rope grab
ISC Ropegrabs can be used on work positioning lanyard/ flip lines.Compact fixed rope clamp/grab intended for moving on fixed ropes.SWL on 12mm Armortech Rope - 1.5kN (337 lbf.)Rope diameter range (mm)10.5 - 13(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (kN)Dependant on Rope TypeCam materialAluminumFinishAnodise..
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