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1931 Tactical Escape Kit 1931 Tactical Escape Kit
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Brand: Yates Gear Model: 1931 Tactical Escape Kit
Designed by Special Operations personnel. Used to aid in egress from multi-story buildings in situations where soldiers are pinned down in the building with no rear exit. Rappel line can be secured to an object in the room or rooftop location and positioned to run down the side of the building. Syst..
543 Yates Harness Extension
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Model: 543 Yates Harness Extension
Specially designed to girth hitch to Yates escape belts and class II seat harnesses that are used or integrated into turnout gear for extension of personal escape systems. Low profile, girth hitch design eliminates the need for additional or cumbersome carabiner connection to the harness. A small ..
544 Technora® Rappel Daisy Link
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Brand: Yates Gear Model: 544 Technora® Rappel Daisy Link
Super lightweight short daisy chain designed to allow you to extend your rappel device further away from your body to allow safer egress over edges such as window frames. Daisy Link is made of .75 inch technora webbing which is extremely cut resistant. Individual clip-in pockets are reinforced to ..
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