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Yates Climbing About

Fellow Climbers,

Last year saw an explosive growth here at Yates. Yates Gear was started by Jim and John Yates making climbing and big wall gear in back of there garage back in the early 80's. Yates Gear has sustained steady growth as our climbing line has continued to evolve. We only make climbing gear that really works, no fancy marketing and hype. Our most effective form of advertising over the years has been word of mouth and that is because Yates climbing equipment really works! We have always held by the premise that our gear must be strong, durable, comfortable and be as lightweight as possible. We have always listened to our climbing "bud's," friends and customers to develop products that fit the ever changing demands of climbing. We have gone the extra mile to manufacture out equipment from "state-of-the-art" materials to increase the function of our products. Some of our materials such as Poron foam and Cambrelle for harness lining are not cheap but they are the best! We would like to thank all the climbers who over the years have helped us develop the best products possible. Also many thanks to: Flyn Brian McCray, Jim Bridwell, Jay Smith, Miles Smart, Tim O'Neill, Russel Mitrovich, Travis Klawin, Dean Potter, Steph Davis, Calder Stratford, Hans Florine, Ammon McNeely and Ivo Ninov.

John Yates, Karen Yates, Blaine Stidham