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364NFPA SPIE Lanyard
364NFPA SPIE Lanyard
364NFPA SPIE Lanyard
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364NFPA SPIE Lanyard


22-inch lanyard made of 7000 lbf. (31kN) nylon webbing. Designed to girth hitch to the dorsal D ring of Yates Stabo or Extraction harness for SPIE extraction operations. Hot forged Captive Eye DMM Tactical OvaLock 3 Stage aluminum carabiner with new ANSI Z359.1-06 certified gate(3600 lbf, 16KN side load strength). Made in the USA. OD Green Carabiner. Lanyard is available in Black, Terra, Foliage Green Colors.


Available Colors Black, Foliage Green, Terra
Carabiner Side Load Strength 3600 lbf. (16KN)
Length 22 inches
Origin Made in the USA
Strength 5,000 lbf. (22.2 kN)