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Load Limiters

611 Rescue Load Limiter 611 Rescue Load Limiter
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Brand: Yates Gear Model: 611 Rescue Load Limiter
Effectively reduces peak loads on an anchor in rescue and rigging systems. Designed as a stitch ripping device with extremely consistent activation and absorption accuracy (+-5%). Very useful in documenting maximum loads in a given rescue and rigging situation such as in highlights and mechanical ad..
801 Industrial Shock Absorber 801 Industrial Shock Absorber
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Brand: Yates Gear Model: 801 Industrial Shock Absorber
Utilizes a highly efficient tear-stitch webbing to absorb energy by means of controlled destruction. Two layers of webbing are woven together in a prescribed manner. The 801 is very useful as a shock absorber in the belay, mechanical advantage, hauling and Highline systems. • Strength 5000 lbf. (22...
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