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MoHook Kit
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MoHook Kit


Designed to allow easy and secure transfer of equipment to transmission towers during Short Haul Operations.
MoHook Kit allows the transmission tower worker to efficiently short haul there Tool/Bolt/Grunt bags or Grounding Bars into towers. The MoHook Kit System is attached to the Short Haul Grapple hook via a 3 ft. sling that is shackled to the MoHook.
All equipment is marked with WLL/SWL limits. The Rope Grab is labeled 337 lbf (1.5kN) SWL. and ASME B30.9-2014 Standard.
MoHook has stainless safety chain that can be attached after the hook is put in position on the Tower for added security.

MoHook w/shackle. $395 - MOHOOKKITUNIT
691-RIF Reinforced 3’ anchor loop $35 retail 691RIF