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ISC D5 Descender/Belay Device
ISC D5 Descender/Belay Device
ISC D5 Descender/Belay Device
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ISC D5 Descender/Belay Device


ISC D5 Descender


The new D5 by ISC  is a double stop device.Wear parts approach the point of indestructibility. Handle is made of aluminum (as opposed to plastic), and is extremely durable.

The D5 Descender allows for controlled descent at different speeds. A user can move slowly, or get going much quicker than they can on a Petzl ID. However, it still has the anti-panic in case a user pulls the handle too hard. Handle spins all the way around, and gives audible clicks as it resets. NEW handle position is approx. 25 degrees back from the origional protptype position allowing for a more ergonomic position for the user.

Device is suitable for a two-person rescue without extra friction (i.e. using an extra carabiner with a redirect).

The D5 Descent Device opens with a push button. Button is easy to open, even with gloves, but is difficult to open under load, decreasing risk of accidental opening. Button audibly clicks when device is closed.

The D5 is approved for ANSI Z359.4-2013, NFPA "G", and EN12841. This descent device works great for rope access work, progress capture in haul systems, rescue, tower climbing, and lots more. It's one of the first descent devices on the market to have ANSI stamped on it.


D4 Being Used In Z RigThe D5 is a multi use device. In addition to descending, it can be used in Rope Access for ascending. It is also a great progress capture device in hauling that allows for instant change over from lifting to lowering. The uses of this device are virtually endless. Rope Access Technicians, Tower Climbers, Wind Energy Techs, and more will love this device.

  • The handle rotates all the way around (360 degrees). 
  • Auto-lock function which is activated whenever the operator lets go of the handle.
  • It’s made of thicker aluminum than the Petzl I’D, so it is more durable.
  • Panic brake that is designed to only lock out when in free fall.
  • The anti-panic is somewhere between an Petzl I’D and a Rig in terms of sensitivity. 
  • Construction is of Stainless Steel and Aluminum, making this an extremely durable device.
  • Weights 28 ounces. Color Red.
  • Individually serial numbered.
  • Designed for ropes 12.5mm - 13.0mm.
  • ANSI Certified for use on 12.5mm - 13.0mm ropes.

D4/D5 Descender Wear Indicator Inspection