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First Man-up 14' Buck Hook Rope Kit (Arc-Flash rated)
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First Man-up 14' Buck Hook Rope Kit (Arc-Flash rated)


YATES Buck Hook rope kit for first man-up. Kit contains the main lifeline to be attached to Buck Hook pole utilized by the first man up procedure for tower climbing while maintaining 100% fall protection. Kit utilizes 12mm Dry coated BlueWaters ArmorTech™ rope which is perfect for applications where improved cut resistance or heat resistance is demanded. This is a DOUBLE SHEATH rope design. The 100% Technora aramid outer sheath has superior cut resistance over regular synthetic fibers. The inner sheath is solution-dyed polyester braided over a nylon core ArmorTech™ excels in harsh environments where cutting, grinding, welding or Arc-Flash take place. Exceptional heat resistant fiber has a decomposition temperature of 934 degrees f. Armortech Rope Length 14' comes with single green tracer color. SMC ANSI FP steel carabiner permanently attached. YATES 1.4 lb weight bag is included in the kit. Must be used with Petzl ASAP Lock and Yates FR ASAP Lanyard(Sold separately).

1424-14SSE-G-WB First Man-up 14' Buck Hook Rope Kit - $224.40


Origin Made in the USA
Strength 6,500 lbf (29 kN)