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390FRC Construction Lineman Harness
390FRC Construction Lineman Harness
390FRC Construction Lineman Harness
390FRC Construction Lineman Harness
390FRC Construction Lineman Harness
390FRC Construction Lineman Harness
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390FRC Construction Lineman Harness


In conjunction with transmission line rope access pioneer, Reed Thorne of Ropes That Rescue and other western utilities like Pacific Gas & Electric, Yates has designed the 390FA harness to meet the needs of the transmission tower worker who is now utilizing rope access techniques. The 390FRC Harness is designed and recommended for helicopter external load short haul work. Many new features are seen in the New 390FRC harness. ANSI carabiner to attach chest to seat, diagonal rear support webbing to distribute the load from chest threw shoulder and down to the waist belt over the hips. Constructed from webbing which is a blend of Nomex in the exterior for comfort and durability and Kevlar in the interior for strength. Specially designed for the professional transmission tower worker. Wide anatomical waist pad for increased comfort and added back support. Modular work/tool pouch system allows the user to customize each harness to their own arrangement. Easily adjustable for variations in clothing by use of camlock and cobra buckles. Attachment points at waist, hips, chest, back (lumbar) and back (dorsal). Extra-large side positioning rings (lineman style) allow the user to easily make connections to the safety belt. New U shaped rear shoulder design distributes the load evenly across the neck of the user.  Milled Aluminum  COBRA® buckles by AUSTRIALPIN™ are used to connect waist belt to waist pad and to connect leg buckles for easy donning. COBRA buckles are ANSI Z359.1 -2007 certified. Designed for electric utilities helicopter short-haul program. Weight 7lb. 7oz. Petzl S & L Auxilary Caritool Tool Holders and Yates Tool Holsters sold separately.

Trapezoid screw link and new adjustable sling to attach the Petzl Croll sold separately.(Part#1781CROLL $30).

NEW Differentially cut duel Layer extra wide waist 9" waist pad system for added lumbar support. The outer layer of the waist pad is constructed of stiff high-density foam for support while the inside layer is made from softer foam for comfort. Additional Cumberbun front closure keeps harness secure and gives added support to the lumbar area similar to "weight lifting belts".


ANSI Z359.11-2014 Sternal Attachment
.2.2 Sternal.

The sternal attachment may be located as shown in Figure 4, and used as an alternative fall arrest attachment in applications where the dorsal attachment is determined to be inappropriate by a competent person and where there is no chance to fall in a direction other than feet first.
E3.2.2 See Figure 2(a) & 4. The sternal attachment element should be used only when the likely fall distance is not greater than 2 ft. When loaded at the sternal attachment to arrest a fall, the design of the FBH (full body harness) shall direct load through the shoulder straps supporting the user and around the thighs.

NOTICE: 390FRC Harness is only recommended for use in a work environment where Arc-Flash hazard exists. For daily work use in non-energized situations the standard 390RTR harness is recommended. The Nylon webbing which 390RTR the harness is constructed with is much more durable and abrasion-resistant than the Nomex/Kevlar webbing used in the construction of the 390FR Harness.

NEW 390FRC Harness for 2015 now comes in Mesh/Cordura duffle bag. Duffle bag designed to breathe because the top portion is constructed using heavy-duty mesh material.

Harness Size Waist Size Height
D ring to D ring
31 - 36
5'5" - 6'4"

28.5 in
L 35 - 40 5'5" - 6'4"
32.5 in
XL 39 - 46 5'5" - 6'4"
36.0 in
XXL 42.5-49.5 5'5" - 7'0"
39.5 in
XXXL 46-53 5'7" - 7'0"

43.0 in

• XXL and XXXL add $50 for an increase in material cost.
• Meets ANSI/OSHA Class III full-body harness standards
Certified by UL to the new ANSI Z359.11-20221 and ASTM F887-13.
ASTM F887-2020 Arc-flash testing conducted by ArcWear Comes with contoured FR rated shoulder pads

Yates Gear permits the attachment of multiple positioning lanyards/straps to the lateral (side) D rings under the supervision of a competent person when the user is utilizing an appropriate fall arrest system.Multiple connectors may be attached to D rings on the harness provided that the connectors are compatible and the integrity of any fall protection system is maintained. Applications requiring multiple connectors to a D ring must be assessed for compatibility by and used under the supervision of a competent person.


Origin Made in USA
Weight Weight 7 lb. 7 oz.