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1393 Yates Twistlock ANSI Oval Carabiner
1393 Yates Twistlock ANSI Oval Carabiner
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1393 Yates Twistlock ANSI Oval Carabiner


Yates and Pensafe have developed an offset aluminum oval carabiner. It is the first aluminum oval that will be certified to NFPA 1983 "T",ANSI/ASSE Z359.12 -2019 and CSA Z259.12 to become commercially available. 

Twist lock gate opening, the standard colors will be a grey back with either a blue barrel.
The offset gate will open on an angle so it is not in line with the back, allowing a smaller hook with a bigger opening.

We are planning commercial availability for January of 2021.


Products specifications

·       1393 Two Stage Twistlock Oval Carabiner

·       Drop Forged Aluminum

·       100% proof loaded to 3,600 lbs (16kN)

·       Min tensile strength 5,850 lbs (26kN)

·       Min gate strength 3,600 lbs (16kN)

·       Minor axis strength 3,600 lbs (16kN)

·       Gate marked:

CSA Z259.12, ANSI/ASSE Z359.12 -2019, 16KN Gate”

Certified To:

·      NFPA 1983 "T", ANSI/ASSE Z359.12-2019

·       CSA Z259.12-16

 ·       Weight: 3.6oz (102gm)


Available Colors Grey w/Blue Gate
Carabiner Strength 5,850 lbf. (26kN)
Gate Opening 0.83 inch