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1424 ArmorTech - 12mm "Teflon Dry Treatment"
1424 ArmorTech - 12mm "Teflon Dry Treatment"
1424 ArmorTech - 12mm "Teflon Dry Treatment"
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1424 ArmorTech - 12mm "Teflon Dry Treatment"


A new concept in rope, designed for high heat situations such as welding and electrical transmission arc flash situations. The unique design of BlueWater’s ArmorTech rope also gives it excellent cut resistant properties, advantageous in rock scaling and construction applications. ArmorTech™ rope has proven to be the longest-lasting rope for Helicopter rappelling situations. Hundreds of rappels can be done on a single rope without any glazing of the rope sheath.  ArmorTech™ the rope is constructed by braiding a Technorasheath over a standard kernmantle rope. This construction allows the armortech rope to stay round and not flatten out after extended rappel use. After complete failure of the Technora sheath, the underlying rope still maintains its full strength(1/2", 12mm & 11.5mm Models only). 1/2" Model certified to NFPA 1983/2012 ed "General Use". 11.5mm and 12mm ArmorTech ropes are the exact same construction. 12mm is just an 11.5mm rope that has been dry treatment processed with a proprietary Teflon compound, the process of application of the Teflon Dry Treatment causes the rope to swell slightly. Designed to be used with Petzl Id style descenders and ASAP Back-up Device for rope access techniques. Price is per foot. 12mm dry Armortech is certified to be used with ISC D5Y Descender and Petzl ASAP with YATES Arc Flash rated shock absorbing lanyard.

NEW Now available in Black Technora sheath, Call for Pricing.

SizeMBS (lbf/kN)Elong. (300, 600, 1,000 lbf)
13 mm (1/2")10,700/47.62.8% / 5.7% / 7.8%
12 mm Dry & 11.5 mm Std.8,500/37.85.1% / 7.3% / 9.8%
11 mm8,200/36.42.8% / 5.3% / 7.5%


SKU: 1424-300DSE.  300 ft( optional lengths available 200, 250 etc.) ArmorTech™ 12mm" rope, sewn eye termination on both ends, with "Dry Coating". Available with no tracer color, single green or green/orange tracer. Call For Pricing.


Color Tan