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537CLT-20 Carbon Lite UAL - 20 foot Tan
537CLT-20 Carbon Lite UAL - 20 foot Tan
537CLT-20 Carbon Lite UAL - 20 foot Tan
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537CLT-20 Carbon Lite UAL - 20 foot Tan


The latest state-of-the-art Ultralight Assault Ladder is here. New rigid steps are constructed using 3/8 inch solid “Carbon Fiber” rods which are inserted into a specially woven, multi-layered rope sheath designed by BlueWater Ropes to provide a slip-resistant, textured surface. The main bodies of the ladders are constructed of extremely lightweight Kevlar webbing to eliminate stretch while in use. Originally designed for boarding vessels and combat situations this ladder can also be used to egress from urban buildings. Ladders can be linked together and are compatible with drag/grappling hooks or extension poles to gain access to unreachable areas. Available length include a 20’ ladder with 21 steps. Colors: Terra/Coyote. It comes with one 1840 Screw gate carabiner. Ladders vertical webbing stength 3500 lbf. Individual Steps test to 1,000 lbf. Custom lengths available. Packaged in small mesh bag.


Origin Made in the USA
Strength 3,500 lbf. (15.6kN)