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6102 Yates/SMC HX Hauling Kit
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6102 Yates/SMC HX Hauling Kit


Completely rigged and ready to go, this the new hauling kit is designed for all-around medium hauling, pick off, and confined space rescue situations. The kit utilizes the new SMC Advance Tech HX double pulley with an integrated cam and matching Advance Tech Mate Pulley. Comes rigged with BlueWater 9 mm rope. We have found this diameter is the best compromise for reducing bulk in the hauling system while still maximizing efficiency. The Yates/SMC HX Hauling Kit is ideal for all rescue applications where a small mechanical advantage system is needed. Kit includes:

  • 4:1 or 5:1 theoretical mechanical advantage depending upon configuration
  • 50 feet BlueWater low stretch rope
  • Advance Tech HX pulley with integrated cam
  • Advance Tech Mate pulley
  • 1393 Yates Twistlock ANSI Oval Carabiners
  • Yates Bolt and Tool Bag


Origin Made in the USA