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Yates Heli Short Haul A-Frame System (AFRAME)
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Yates Heli Short Haul A-Frame System (AFRAME)


Yates A Frames were origionally developed and approved for the Short Haul Programs for DOJ, CAMP, BLM, NPS and USFS. Yates A-Frame is now constructed with EQUAL LENGTH A-Frame sets. Each set is offset 6" to avoid the snap hooks from banging into the other ste while flying with out a person connected. Double locking snap hooks(5,000 lbf mbs) This bridle system is utalised mostly for agencies that sttach to a single attachment D ring on a harness like the Yates STABO and Special Ops Harnesses. Upper three stage A-Frame carabiner that is connected to the short haul line is rated at 50 kN. 10,000 Webbing is used on individual A-frame legs. WLL 500 lbf. per set.

Sold as a set of two.


Origin Made in the USA
Weight 22 lbs.